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Anchor Commissions

   I'm always excited to paint your creative ideas and visions on canvas. I am happy to explore subjects from animal portraits and landscapes to pop art style paintings. I am not painting people portraits at this moment.


•    During initial consultation we discuss your idea about the piece, such as subject, size and style. Reference images and photos are always welcomed. This initial consultation could be held over email, online meeting or phone call.

•    After our first consultation I will create a digital concept sketch which I will then present to you for your approval before I begin to create the actual piece.

•    Once final sketch is made and timeline and price is agreed upon, I can start the painting process.

•    There is an initial payment of 50% at the beginning of the work and the final payment is due before the artwork is shipped. Packaging and shipping is an additional cost, which is variable based on the destination. All arrangements will be discussed before the piece is shipped.

     Please feel free to contact me for a discussion and information about the creative process. I look forward to painting a unique artwork for you!

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