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About me


   I am an Edinburgh and Prague based artist and I focus on painting in acrylics and watercolours. Finding my way towards art has been a spontaneous journey of falling in love with colours, light and the activity of painting itself.

    As children we don’t question our interest in something, we just live what life gives us. I don’t really remember when I started painting, but it was in secondary school when I discovered course books from Spanish painter José María Parramón Vilasaló in our small community library. I immediately fell in love with them. I read everything I could find on the subject of painting and started painting in a more educated way.

    Since taking classes in painting was not a standard thing in the Post-Soviet Czech Republic and the internet has not existed there yet I learnt from visiting galleries and studying closely the exhibited artwork. I was intrigued by the work of Czech painter Max Švabinský so much that I was escorted out of art gallery after touching one of his original paintings with my nose whilst studying the techniques of his brush strokes. His feeling for light similar to one of the Impressionist style and a sense for detail in his graphics, awakened my desire for pursuing the path of a painter.

   In my late twenties I was lucky enough to meet Scottish Borders based painter and art tutor Philip B. Hutton who became my friend, inspiration and teacher. 


Meet you halfway

The idea behind

My work for audience originally started with my 'Meet You Halfway' Collection.

   For me painting and drawing abstract shapes bridges the journey between real and imaginary, material and spiritual. This has provided me with a good sense of connection with my artistic interests and the world itself and so naturally I found the desire for sharing this with others and connecting with them through my art. It is always interesting to listen to other people’s interpretation of the artwork and their feelings about it. 

   Later on I started tapping into more realistic projects. I noticed how much a framed original piece of artwork can change the whole atmosphere of a room and its impact on people’s mood and I wanted to make my contribution to this change. I believe that having our memories painted is one of the greatest ways of expressing our gratitude for them and keeping them as part of our life in the environment we share with others. 

     As much as I like to use my imagination and artistic flair I also possess the attitude of a manual worker who likes to get things done. This has helped me to take on board larger projects of wall murals, speed painting shows, and other commissioned work. I thrive in a collaborative environment where I can express myself freely yet still based on my customer’s creative visions, because it is my wish to meet them halfway. 

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